“Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance”
Samuel Johnson

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About Venia

Venia International is a global consulting and investment firm

Founded by Sebastien Clamorgan in the late 90's, Venia International is a global consulting and investment firm aiming to support companies’ successful market entry, with a particular focus on opening the gateways to Africa and the Middle East.  For more than 25 years of business activity, Venia International carried out a considerable number of successful projects across multiple sectors of industry.

It supported the establishment of many global brands desirous of establishing themselves in the region and capitalizing on the opportunities available to them throughout the MENA markets and beyond. Today, and as a result of the successes achieved, Venia International is considered a reference point for the African and Middle Eastern area and boasts more than 3,000 employees all over the world.


What we do

The Venia Difference

The services we provide are aimed at opening the doors for global corporations’ successful entry into the African and Middle Eastern markets, as well as supporting the creation and development of new companies in the referenced area. Our specialized services include market research and insights, regional business setup, business development, business intelligence, mergers & acquisitions, and lobbying.

Market research and insights

Market research and insights are a crucial part of strategic planning processes: in order to impact business performances, your company needs indeed to understand the trends of the market in which it operates. Our wide regional know-how provides top-class market research, insights, and data that your company can use to strengthen its position in the reference market, or to identify and develop new business opportunities.

As an equity partner, Venia International helps its clients to open up markets and to seek new opportunities, by providing a detailed understanding of market size, scopes, impact of current and future trends, as well as which areas, services or products should be prioritized. We aim at supporting our partners in developing strategic planning processes and growth roadmaps, by providing advice on the most suitable approach for successful and profitable businesses.

Regional business setup

The considerable number of successes we achieved in creating and developing new business activities, combined with our wide regional expertise, allow us to support our clients in the process of entering new markets.

We at Venia International deal with the bureaucratic aspects of business setup on your behalf, thus facilitating the compliance with administrative requirements, and ensuring that your company is fully and properly set up to undertake business activities.

We take care of the management of legal operations, certifications, permits and other types of licenses, as well as the organization of offices and human resources. Its standing as an equity partner allows Venia to help global corporations transition into a new market seamlessly.

Business development

We understand that successfully managing a company’s operations is as difficult as creating a new one: this is why we offer extensive business development services to our clients. With our unmatched local expertise and know-how, we provide a wide range of services aimed at opening the doors to your company’s successful entry into the African and Middle Eastern markets: identification of underserved and valuable segments your company can focus on, niches or underexploited markets, lead generation, customer acquisition, and value innovation.

Business Intelligence

The use of business intelligence is increasing more and more in the business landscape of recent times, influencing the development and execution of strategy in organizations. By leveraging our unparalleled network, we at Venia International provide detailed, accurate, and reliable business intelligence to assist our equity partners who wish to penetrate new markets, with the aim of making effective decisions and implementing strategies for achieving business goals.

Mergers and acquisitions

Throughout each of the African and Middle Eastern countries that we cover, we provide our global partners, entrepreneurs, and private equity funds assistance in effectively negotiating merger and acquisition agreements. We help you understand the dynamics and issues that frequently arise when successfully navigating a company’s sale or acquisition.

Our Partners

Joint Ventures

Our investment activities and projects concern multiple sectors such as Shipping, Port Management, Logistics and Food & Beverage. This list of activities is non-exhaustive and can of course be extended according to our client’s requirements.


Mediterranean Shipping Company

Mediterranean Shipping Company

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC is a privately owned shipping line, owned by a single family and founded in 1970. MSC employs over 60,000 people and has a presence in 155 countries across six continents, offering its clients over 200 destinations in 340 ports. The MSC fleet has positioned itself as the second largest carrier in the world in terms of container slot capacity and number of container vessels operated, with 500 container vessels with an intake capacity of 2,800,000 TEUs as of end of 2017. Its growth has been fostered through aggressive growth over the last four decades.


Port Management

Terminal Investment Limited SA

Terminal Investment Limited SA

Headquartered in Switzerland, and with global operations, TIL develops and manages container terminals worldwide. Originally founded in 2000 to secure berths and terminal capacity in the key ports used by MSC, TIL has grown to become the 6th largest terminal operator in the world, with interests in 37 operating terminals, and 58 mllions Teu’s operated as of 2017.





Medlog, a logistics service provider operating in the Mena region, was established with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and offering solutions that meet the logistics needs of each. Besides door-to-door transport with its own trucking fleet of more than 3’500 trucks, Medlog offers railway, transit with a capacity of 4’000 wagons, project transport and depot services for the shipments effected with all lines. Having infrastructure investments in a view of offering any kind of logistics services, Medlog aims to operate in the fields of multimodal transportation, trade finance, container repair, maintenance service and to act as an agent for the shipping lines. Medlog continues its investments with an effort of providing comprehensive logistics services in a world of which trade activities become more dependent.

Food and Beverage



Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Eat’n’Go is a food and beverage group on the fast track to achieving its stated mission: to become the premier food operator in Africa. It is the exclusive master franchisee in Nigeria for Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery, and Pinkeberry, valued at USD$6 billion, USD$1.5 billion respectively. The initial stores were rolled out in Nigeria in 2012, with 150 additional stores projected through to the end of 2020.




News and Press

Domino’s Pizza, food company owned by Eat’n’Go, which is in joint venture with Sebastien Clamorgan’s Venia International, opens in Ilorin, Kwara

The Pizza delivery leading company landed in Nigeria in 2012 and is now spreading throughout the country in joint venture with Venia International, led by Sebastien Clamorgan.

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Eat’n’Go opens 100th store in Nigeria, thanks to joint venture with Venia International

Eat'n'Go reaches its 100th store opened in Nigeria, where the company manages Domino’s Pizza Nigeria, Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt. The leading food comapany opened in Nigeria in 2012 thanks to a joint venture hold with Venia International, Sebastien's Clamorgan investment and consulting firm.

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Trucklog LTD, partner of Venia International (Sebastien Clamorgan) receives important awards

In partnership with Venia International, led by Sebastien Clamorgan, Trucklog LTD was awarded as best haulage company in terms of safety and revenue. The prize has been provided by LAFARGE-HOLCIM PLC.

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Sebastien Clamorgan’s Venia International supporting charity initiatives

Eat'n'Go supports Slum2School: the company donated 50 million naira to the initiative aimed to help children in need, including their education. Thanks to its joint venture with Venia International, consulting firm founded by Sebastien Clamorgan, the leading food company is reaching important charity results.

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Venia International’s port management joint ventures: Badagry Port project

Venia International covers different kind of business. In the port management field, Badagry Mega Port Project is one of the most important projects that Sebastien Clamorgan's company is cooperating to develop.

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Eat’n’Go supports frontline during Covid pandemic. Venia International’s partner approved by Sebastien Clamorgan.

As leading franchisee for Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery, and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt, Eat'n'Go - in joint venture with Venia International (Sebastien Clamorgan) - donated slices of pizza, cups of icecream and yogurt to all the key people helping those in need during the Covid pandemic.

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“Feeding the Frontline”: Venia Internatinal and Sebastien Clamorgan support Eat’n’Go’s initiative

Eat'n'Go, business partner of Sebastien Clamorgan's Venia International, is contributing to the current pandemic emergency delivering free food to all those professional fighting in the frontline.

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